about us

Nextwave Solutions Pte Ltd is a service technology company that offer various products and solutions in board spectrum of industries. We are based in Singapore and with extensive contacts around the Asia Pacific region.


Cost Effective + Cost Efficient Highly Satisfying Professional Services at A Fair Cost

We strive to integrate Technology seamlessly with business so that our clients will improve their IT efficiency and business profitability.

With over 30 years of experiences in our field of work, We always practise our professionism towards any of our jobs assigned. This is to ensure that our clients will get the most efficient and effective solutions we provides.


Continue to Innovate Enhance and Inspire our clients to be highly innovative and productive

We produce innovative and affordable solutions to improve quality of life and environment for our valuable clients.

We will continue to improve and increase efficiency in every solutions we provide; This is to ensure that our clients will always be in the forefront of respective industries.


Experience + Emotional Intelligence (EQ)Think out of the box ; Never get Restricted by Constraints

We have done numerous projects ranging from few hundreds to multi-millions dollars scales. Whether we are directly or indirectly involve in any task allocated, our team will always provide the best service to our valuable clients no matter how small the task may be.

With our history of experiences, we seen many situations that were limited by Constraints. But that doesn't stop us from moving forward, we stroke through all and invented new resolutions towards a better and efficient work life.

Our Products & Services

We provide Information Techologies (IT) services such as Consultancy, Projects management, Setup of Hardware and Software, Customize application development, etc.
We design and develop high technology turn-key solutions in broad spectrum of industries.

Following are the Products and Services we are offering:

  • RFID & GPS
  • AutoID + Mobile Client Devices
  • Complete Broadband Access
  • Wired/ Wireless Remote Surveillance
  • Wired/ Wireless Network
  • WiMAX
  • FSO (Free-Space Optics)
  • Bluetooth
  • Power Line Communication
  • Web/ Customized Application Development

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